The industry standard drill rig up to 400M depth for water well & geothermal. Powerful but compact size SP6500 enables superb performance in most drilling job sites SP6500 features a pullback capacity of 16 tons and the torque can be increased. Built-in auto rod handling system SP6500 can also equip an advanced rod management system (RiHS) that ensures safer and faster operation. A radio remote control safely positions the driller away from the rig during traveling.

  • For water well & geothermal drilling
  • Design for drilling up to 400M with dia. 8" and up to dia. 14"
  • Percussion & Rotary drilling methods available
  • Concentrated all instrument & control levers
  • Self-loading system
  • Easy to repair and maintain coming from the full Hyd.system
  • Diverse options - Auto Rod Handler, Rod Rack integrated rod Handling System (RiHS), Mud Pumps, Wireless Remote Travel, DTH Oil Liner, Auto Safety Cage, DC Welder & Generator, Inverter, Pre-heating system, Truck mounted type to-be, etc.