Crawler carriage with mounted control cabin. The horizontal directional drill rig DS8500HDD is a simple and technically developed device. The hydraulic power rotary head are smoothly driven by hyd. cylinder feed-system Due to pull back power of 40 t & a torque can be increased, directional drilling with length of up to 800M with dia. 600mm Rod crane “on board” Desco’s mud pump “on board” that is driven by the hydraulic system of the machine All operations are controlled in control cabin.

  • DS8500HDD for directional drilling
  • Pullback force 40 ton
  • Weight 15ton
  • Mud pump “on board”
  • Rod crane “on board”
  • All instrument & control levers are concentrated
  • Installed major hyd. Parts so easy to find spare parts in the market
  • Options - rod handling device, winch, pre-heating system, pre-heating system, air conditioner and so on