The best performing compact size multi-purpose drill rig up to RC 4"- 200M or NQ-500M depth for exploration drilling (RC & Diamond). SP4500SA-RC surface RC & coring drill rig is an advanced edition to the SP-SA-RC-RC series featuring a telescopic and dump mast. SP4500SA-RC is capable of multi-purpose drilling reverse circulation, diamond coring, DTH as well as rotary drilling methods with a pullback capacity of 10 tons and the torque can be increased. SP4500SA-RC can also equip an advanced rod management system (RiHS) that ensures safer and faster operation. The reverse circulation (RC) drilling method utilizes to collect rock samples quickly and efficiently. The high speed with the low cost of RC drilling provides an ideal method for exploration projects.

  • For exploration RC & diamond drilling
  • Design for drilling up to RC 4" - 200M & NQ-500M
  • Multi-purpose drilling methods (RC & Core Drilling)
  • Wireline system
  • Double clamp with foot clamping system
  • Vertical & Angle drilling (45 degree - 90 degree) capability
  • DTH oil liner
  • Self-loading system
  • Diverse options - Cyclone, Auto Rod Handler, Rod Rack integrated rod Handling System (RiHS), Mud Pumps, Wireless Remote Travel, Auto Safety Cage, DC Welder & Generator, Inverter, Pre-heating system, Truck mounted type to-be, etc.