Desco is the leader in developing new technology
for water well drill rigs

Desco has one of best model in developing new
technology for surface diamond core in the world

Reverse Circulation drilling collects rock samples
quickly and efficiently
Multi-purpose drilling accommodates the most of
conditions for exploration

Desco's horizontal directional drill rigs is a powerful
and technically fully developed device

DS Carriers use for power pack as well as rod carrier

Desco's rotation drill head very powerful & less noise
Various line-up of small to big-end rotation head

Desco produces various line-up for mud pump
Easy to install on customer's drill rig
Connect two hyd. lines only

Various line-up of small to big-end power pack

Advanced air flow system & piston feature make
faster penetration and provide longer service life

More cutting power and faster rates with heat treatment
and tightly controlled machining tolerances